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There is only one hat and one scarf of each colour.

Only one snowman has a matching hat and scarf.

Any snowman wearing orange is also wearing purple.

The snowman with the blue hat, has the same kind of hat as the snowman with the blue scarf.

The snowman with the yellow scarf has a red hat, and is beside a snowman with a red scarf

Wally needs to finish putting hats and scarves on his snowmen

 for the Snow Scuplture Contest!

Click on the hats and scarves to change their colours.

Follow these rules to have each snowman in the correct colours!

Asset 158-8_edited.png
Asset 120-8.png
Asset 118-8.png
Asset 116-8.png
Asset 115-8.png
Asset 114-8.png
Asset 128-8.png
Asset 158-8.png
Asset 120-8_edited.png
Asset 118-8_edited.png
Asset 117-8_edited.png
Asset 116-8_edited.png
Asset 115-8_edited.png
Asset 114-8_edited.png
Asset 128-8.png


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